Sleep Deprivation and Work


Untitled design (9)Sleep┬ádeprivation is associated with a decrease in productivity and difficulty concentrating. However, did you also know that lack of sleep is also associated with less creativity and less job satisfaction at work? We at realize the importance of sleep when it comes to workplace productivity, so we decided to tackle this topic in today’s blog post.

Sleep and stress

When your workplace is causing you increased stress, sleep often suffers. Intern, poor sleep leads to less productivity and even more stress at work. This is a vicious cycle that people often face and, when you add snoring issues, it makes this cycle even worse.

Sleep and extended work hours

Many people are working much more than just a 9-to-5 job quite often supervisors are emailing their employees at all hours of the night. This results in people working from home at let’s say three in the morning. Many more people are connected to work at all hours of the day and night via smart phones and other digital devices. This is highly disruptive to the sleep cycle. It also, as mentioned above, increase the stress, which also affects sleep.

Potential solutions

Being able to take a short nap during the workday can be very beneficial in helping increase sleep restoration and increase attention. Another issue that employers need to face is possibly incorporating solutions to sleep as well as stress into their wellness programs.

For more information visit the National Sleep Foundation here.

Lear more about snoring and sleep help by watching the video below: