Wine Gifts for Mom – Business is Booming


It recently came to our attention that the wine business is booming. We are seeing new trends, including a whole line of wine products geared towards moms. One such company that is offering a variety of products is Smitten by Kristin. This company sells exclusively on Amazon. What do they offer? Great question! The product that caught our eye is the “Mommy Medicine” wine glass geared towards mothers and nurses who love wine. You can get your funny wine glasses for moms here: ¬† medicine cropped


Why we love this glass

We absolutely think this wine glass will be a hit. It has a wide appeal, not only to mothers, but also to moms in the healthcare field, including nurses, RNs, LPNs, and more. We also think the price point is affordable. At $16.99 per glass, this makes a perfect cost effective gift for mom. You can read more about this glass here. 

Get your Mommy Medicine glass here!